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Silver brazed fittings

Ormandy Dreh produces light, purpose-made fittings to provide strong installations at economical prices. Fast and efficient to install, all fittings are available with socket ends for brazing, plain ends, flanged or combination and rolled groove ends. Bends are fabricated to any angle and leg length, short or long radius. Tees are available in any configuration and end preparation. Fittings are produced in copper in sizes ranging from 35mm to 159mm diameter, with standard sizes available from stock. 219mm diameter fittings are also available and made to order: hand fabricated, including the bends which are formed in a lobster back pattern. Drawings are available on request. Ormandy Dreh also offer a wide range of fittings in LG4 gunmetal/copper/cupronickel 90/10 and kunifer 70/30. Tube can also be supplied in cupronickel 90/10 and kunifer 70/30, but not in LG4 gunmetal.

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