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Marine High Duty fittings

Ormandy Dreh MHD fittings are manufactured from gunmetal LG4 and are completely resistant to dezincification. The Marine range is strong, easy to use, corrosion resistant, and provides a sound permanent joint which is unaffected by vibration, temperature changes or ship movement, providing long-lasting, trouble-free service. MHD fittings are recommended for joining aluminium, brass and cupronickel tubes in tank heating systems, steamlines and seawater pipelines. In addition, they are used in auxiliary plant on board ships where seawater, lubricating oil or steam are conveyed. Ormandy Dreh MHD fittings in LG4 gunmetal are available from stock in sizes ranging from 6mm to 57mm. MHD fittings are also available in cupronickel 90/10 and kunifer 70/30: these fittings are manufactured to order, and prices are available on application.

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